About Alexander Baratta

Alexander Baratta graduated from Duquesne University in May 2009 with a degree in Digital Media Arts with a minor in Studio Art. During his undergraduate career, his interests also included Computer Science and Music. He initiated his undergraduate at the Conservatory of Music at Capital University studying Tuba.

Alex's love for graphic design started in his youth during middle school. He shared his computer designed stencil creations with friends and family. His artwork appears on t-shirts, canvas, furniture and has now evolved into painted stencils on wood block. His art draws inspiration and style from the Nerd, Cult, comic, and Pop Cultures that he enjoys. He has a love and passion for different mediums to display his art.

When working on his hands-on artistic style Alex pulls a lot of influence from ink drawings and splatter masters Stephen Gammell and Ralph Steadman. He uses ink brushes, well pens and straws to push his ink, allowing the ink to create its own drawings within itself. His photography has a high contrast and almost surveillance look about it. While his digital creations and posters seem to have a more light hearted comic book influence.

Additionally, Alex continues his love for the tuba. He is ''Tuba Fett'' in the comedy band Uke Skywalker and Tuba Fett performing and recording around the city of Pittsburgh. He continues to support the ''The Red Masquers'', having acted in productions and served as the sound chairperson during his time at Duquesne University and recently was commissioned to paint a portrait for their summer production of ''Solid Gold Cadillac''.

A quote to live/die by ''My paintings are not designed to entertain you, they are meant to trap you, to hold you before them while you try to rationalize what elements of the picture are making you stand there'' ~ Robert Williams

To reach Alexander T. Baratta email alex@prybar.net.